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About 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry


 Sterling silver is a metal composed of at least 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy (other metals) including, but not limited to, copper and nickel.

 All products sold on this website are lead-free.




Silver in its pure form will not tarnish, but is too soft for use in jewelry and giftware. Sterling silver will tarnish. This is not a defect,

but the result of a natural chemical process that occurs when sterling silver is exposed to oxygen and other elements in the air. Other common tarnish

causing elements are wool, rubber bands, and latex gloves. Humid environments will accelerate tarnishing.


How should I care for my Sterling Silver?


Preventative maintenance is the easiest way to keep your sterling silver looking great. Avoid exposing your sterling silver jewelry to direct sunlight,

harsh chemicals like chlorine, cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, and perspiration. Also keep items in sealed polyethylene bags when not being used.

Washing your jewelry periodically with mild dish soap and warm water is a quick, easy way to prevent tarnishing. Be sure to rinse well and dry

completely with a soft cloth before storing.

Frequent light polishing with a cloth designed for use on sterling silver will also help minimize tarnish. Tarnish is easily removed when first noticed

(generally a yellowish tint). However, it will become more difficult to remove as it turns brown and eventually black, requiring professional cleaning and/or

harsher chemicals that can harm your jewelry.


Art Shows/Festivals


This is where we will announce upcoming art shows where you can find our products. There will be many shows coming up this

spring and summer, so be sure to check back here to find current venues and times. Come meet us at the shows!



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